Journeys and Feedback from Clients

Here are some sample written journeys that I’ve done for clients over the years – and their feedback.

Journey for J to connect her to her Spirit Guides:

When I went into the journey, I felt your Peruvian Shaman there, he was clearly in charge and arranging how this was going to happen. I saw you standing there, your eyes were closed and he did some ceremony with you, clearing your energy and also anointing you with some kind of sacred mud and also put this in your hair. He then had you sit down around a fire and I knew there was a circle there. I was waiting for a guide to show up and then Tiger suddenly came into the circle, I was expecting a human guide but I was told that Tiger is your Protective Body Armor animal and you NEED him first to get closer with your guides. Then Tiger came and laid down in front of you, belly up, wanting to be rubbed and loved on. Then he came around to your back and put his paws on your shoulders and was playing with you.  Body Protector Armor Animals are assigned to us at birth or when we are very young, and most of us end up being disassociated with them because it’s not part of our culture to work with them. We need to realign. I was told that you had a connection to Tiger as a child and you will need to do three meditations with Tiger so that he knows you are serious and also you will learn how to merge with him. He will then continue to be your protector and protect your energetic and physical space.

Then I felt a woman come into the circle. She sat directly across from you, she has long black hair and she was wearing a short dress made out of deer hide – I could vividly see her bare legs and also the fact that she was wearing tennis shoes! Also I got the sense that there is more room around this circle for other guides, but since you asked for one to focus on, the others stayed out of the circle for now.  Her hair was in her face and I never did see it clearly – and I felt that was for two reasons, one, that you need to work with Tiger first and this will open up the door and strengthen your connection to her – and also, some of the details are for you to discover. She just wasn’t going to show me any more.

What I did get is that she is your ‘wild’ archetype, as in your connection to nature and kitchen witchery – I see her speaking in whispers as she gives you messages and some of these will be about  nature and how to work with it as you go on. I am excited for you to get to know her and work with her – I didn’t get a name, I asked, but they want you to discover this also. What the biggest part of the work we did today was to connect you to Tiger – THAT part was very clear and vivid and it’s apparent to me that Tiger is already very connected to you and I’m thinking that this relationship should come easily – once you are comfortable with Tiger, you can move on to your ‘wild’ lady. Keep me posted!

J’s response: Wow. Cool! I have always had a thing for cats… actually surprised it is a tiger, rather than a panther, as I have always had connections there. Though one of my longtime feline companions, Punkstofur, reminded me of a little tiger. And Osbourne, although gray, also resembles a mini tiger, does the whole lay in front of me for big belly rubs now. I feel so honored he has gotten to trust me with this This sounds cool. I can’t wait to connect with Tiger and play with this energy. Thank you!

K’s Journey: Here’s her question: There is some kind of block career wise that I am having trouble getting to the bottom of in my own. I am at a weird place with work. I feel there is potential to go in so many directions, but also that this is a critically important time for choosing and establishing a larger shift in my life. But what to do? Where to go from here?

Hi K, Tonight as I started to journey, I knew I was going to be visiting Cerridwen, as I saw her cauldron right away and she pulled me right in the journey. I don’t know if you work with her or not, but you may want to consider it in the future as she had a lot to say to you.

She had me look into her cauldron to show me what she wanted. I saw you and there was a black cuff and a chain around one of your ankles. She explained to me that represents your current job, both their attitude towards you and yours to the job. She said you also feel responsible towards your patients and are afraid to leave them, as in ‘who will take care of them if I don’t?’

There is a choice to be made here. Cerridwen made it clear that it’s yours to make. You can either choose to stay where you are and focus on the clients you want – she said this is possible, but you’ll have to put your foot down (over and over). She also said you can ‘take the leap’ (I’m distinctly seeing The Fool card here but instead of stepping off, you’re diving with a smile on your face) and go with a new agency – one I feel may be smaller and you’ll be more able to choose what you want. However, know that with both choices, you’ll have to keep being firm about your boundaries.

Cerridwen also made it clear to me that if you choose to stay where you are, that eventually, you’ll get tired of the ‘fight’. How long that will be, I don’t know, but this will be your process to work out and you’ll decide when you’re ready.

She also said that you are working out some karmic issues with a past life. We went to where I’m able to access the Akashic Records in my shamanic landscape. Your book was green and leafy, it felt very forest like. What was interesting is that I was looking at your book, but you were also as well. You were curled up in chair paging through it very lovingly. If you are not already accessing your Akashic Record, I’m taking that to mean that you are able to, or you can learn. Let me know if you need tips.

She showed me a past life in what I believe to be the Civil War. You were a nurse but it didn’t feel that you were among the dying, you were taking care of those that had fought and been injured and were convalescing. You worked with some women who had a very stern attitude towards nursing patients, like ‘be a man and take your medicine’ type of thing. You had more compassion and empathy and did especially well with those whose lives would be affected by their injuries forever. And the men knew this and would tell you how much they preferred you. You had a hard time saying no and worked long hours and tried to take care of everyone – especially your favorites – who told you how much you helped them. You really worked yourself to the point of exhaustion and illness and I don’t see you living a long life -although not uncommon at that time to have a short life. However, you really sacrificed yourself to take care of others.

So now you have your ‘favorites’ and they also tell you how much they appreciate and need you – and you find yourself in a similar situation. You love this kind of work and I agree that right now, you still want and need to do it – but will you continue to do it in a way that’s best for you, or will you continue to struggle with your work and stay with the patients that ‘need’ you? Cerridwen had no judgement with this, she just laid it out and didn’t give any preference to what you decide to do at this time. She only mentioned that if you choose to stay, you will eventually leave. And if that you’re not ready to do that, she understands and believes it’s because you feel you are not ready.

There is also some more of your witchy life coming up, I feel that there is a story – perhaps a past life, or you’re tapping into some ancestral story – that you will explore and perhaps write. I think that this will be very freeing and exciting for you and will open more roads for you. Cerridwen isn’t saying any more about that other than to encourage it. Also she is very encouraging of the store and your business there.

Let me know if you have any questions. She did also say that all of this and all the questions you have come down to this : How can I best serve myself?  This is the theme that’s coming up and why it’s been so difficult to make a decision. It really is bigger on a karmic level.

So tonight when you sleep, Cerridwen and my guides will work on healing old wounds from the past life, which I’m being told are feeling like you were never doing enough or helping enough and that you would never get them all healed. These energies are coming up around in the upper chest – you may feel this as tension sometimes and maybe feeling it hard to catch your breath. I know you mentioned you have asthma – maybe there’s come connection?  I do feel you died in that life from a respiratory ailment.  You can also do some smudging tomorrow to help release what’s left. Just use sage or palo or whatever you like, and smudge your body, counter clock wise, three times. If you are able to take a healing bath to replenish after that, that’s even better. Whatever herbs you feel will support you. Healing this will help you feel some relief and be able to be clearer in making your decision. You will also feel more centered and have more clarity over a 3 day span, I’m being told.

K’s response: The theme of this time in my like is “how can I best serve myself”. This message has come up from every possible avenue. It’s so interesting that Cerridwen came to you, as she is the Welsh goddess of transformation and rebirth. Many, many of my ancestors were Welsh. And the more I search, the more evidence I find that karmic issues, personal trauma, and ancestral trauma, contribute to the challenge of living my life to meet my own best interests, rather than sacrificing myself to meet the needs of others. In fact, working with a doctor I have uncovered multiple environmental and food allergies which have caused my asthma- and learned that these types of immune reactions are the body’s way of saying “no” when the mind or spirit cannot. In doing somatic experiencing and other trauma-based therapies, I am seeing that the tension and energy in my upper chest is both related to my breathing, and is stored energy in the body from traumatic experiences. My own magical practice had primarily centered around herbalism and plant-spirit medicine. Knowing know that I am allergic to so many of those herbs, I am looking into different magical practices. There is indeed “more of [my] witchy life coming up” surrounding an ancestral story that I am exploring!! I had not accessed my Akashic Record prior, but I am transitioning to working more in that realm. When I work with my favored plant spirits, I am almost always in a forest. It makes perfect sense that my record would have that energy!I have since left the job that I was in. I was chained to certain agreements, by virtue of having set weak boundaries.  I would indeed have had to put my foot down over and over again. I was getting increasingly tired of the fight.

Cerridwen was totally right, that I was not ready to leave immediately. Three days after the journey,  I accepted a position doing similar work with a different company. In order to have enough referrals to get to full time hours quickly, they set my start date for a couple months later! I will have more support for maintaining appointment times, schedules, and travel distances that better meet my own needs. Additionally, I won’t have to go through the process of rebuilding expectations with all of those clients. I can start fresh, and set stronger boundaries from the beginning! I took the leap. 🙂

N’s Journey: Present life blocks as they relate to past lives/Relationships

You were a young woman, in a family that was wealthy enough to have a piano. You were very curious about it and wanted to touch it as a young child, and I see you being punished for your curiosity. Your fingers were slapped or even the cover was knocked down on them. I see you going back again and again, you knew you would get in trouble but the opportunity to touch the keys, even briefly, was enough to deal with the pain you knew was coming. I see that you did get the opportunity to finally get lessons, as a young woman, but only with the idea that it would make you more marriageable. You hoped that you would be able to pursue it as more than that, and begged for more lessons, and your family finally gave in.

Your family hired a man that was supposed to be of some renown, but I get the feeling that whatever he said about his experience or training was a lie. After all, we couldn’t just google people then and no one questioned him. He did know how to play but had never taught. He made your family feel that he was doing them a huge favor by agreeing to give you lessons. I see a tall man with a mustache, very thin, very conceited – in fact you knew more than he expected you to and was not happy about that. You also had a very good aptitude for the piano and could have went far – and he saw that and was jealous. He knew that you would not be able to pursue the piano and he never failed to remind you of that. He also tried to make you second guess your talents and you also started to feel that you were a waste of his time. But the lessons allowed you to be able to practice when he wasn’t there – because you could say you were doing your assigned ‘homework’ and although you hated him, it was an acceptable trade for you being able to play. You did hope that maybe you could be a teacher to children – even if it were your own. But I feel these were dreams of yours that never came to pass. In fact, sadly I see a death at a young age that appears to be tuberculosis.

There is a similarity between this piano teacher and your ex. I don’t feel they are the same person, but they share similar traits – mainly the arrogance and insecurity. And also possibly the lying or fabricating their experiences. Yes, I do feel that your Ex lied about some of his experiences.

I see a myriad of reasons you were involved with him – it’s like I’m being shown a list and working through this issue with music being one of them. Your love of music was tested by him – also he’s an instigator for you. Such as, he made you so angry about what he did to your love of music and art that it became ‘I’ll show HIM!” I’m being told that you wrote this into your contract – that if you had not worked through your shadows around art by this time that he was to come into your life and really rile things up. In fact, he is an instigator for a lot of people. It’s easy to look at him as the bad guy – not saying he’s not – but his contract in life is actually to rile things up for people and instigate change through the shitty way he treats them. Of course he has no idea he’s doing this – but I’m being told that this is the way it is.

Another thing on the list is about being alone – that you needed a period of time alone and he also was an instigator for that. As in, I’m so sick of men and their crap that I’ll be alone for a while. This time alone is for you to develop your gifts and embrace them.

I’m also being told that the anger is a block for you. That there’s this tendency to be in this place where being angry at him is sometimes easier than releasing it and getting down to the business of your own life. And we all do that, and please understand that Maxim told me if I didn’t say it, she was going to smack me in the head. Every time you get angry at him, let yourself think about it for five minutes, then say, I’m NOT thinking about this anymore, I’m focusing on myself and the lesson and I’m moving on. And consider the stories you’re telling about your life. Do you want to keep telling the stories about him? Or are there better and more wonderful stories we can hear about YOU? Are there reasons that you don’t want to tell those stories? Is there fear? These are all things she suggests that you ponder. And maybe there’s some unreleased sadness in this situation too. In any event, she suggests that if you feel yourself about to talk about him – ask yourself why. And remember that talking about him and re telling the stories creates new energy cords. She’s not suggesting that you stifle it or pretend it didn’t happen – but she says there needs to be a finality in your story with him – at least for now. Then when some time passes, you’ll look at it in a different light and see the medicine in it.

N’s response:

Thank you so much for the journey. It has been a great support to me in understanding this situation, and the spiritual work I have before me.

The shamanic work you’ve done for me has always led to mega-healing and revelations. This one is definitely helping me tie up a lot of loose ends, and step more into who I really am. In fact, when I got up on Sunday morning, I sort of stopped for a moment and I thought, “I feel more myself than I have in a very long time.” A big part of that, surprisingly, is because I’ve started playing music and tiptoeing back into making art. A big block to being creative, for me, has been this fear around not being good enough. Like, I can only make art or play an instrument if I’m THE BEST. I’m now realizing more and more that being good isn’t the point. The point is filling my life with activities I love, that bring me joy. I’ve also noticed that me doing this has given other people in my life the courage to do it too.

Also, I am sure this was also meant to give me more faith in my own abilities to journey and find answers for myself. I know if I’d journeyed and dug all that up myself without the initial info from you and Maxim, I never would have believed it. After my journey yesterday I knew I’d got it right, and the information was solid and true.

So thank you, thank you, thank you!

Animal Journey :M (dog)

Question: Mabel has extreme anxiety. She is a rescue and was abused I believe. She was left chained up in the basement and was left to die was the story. I also had a rough past, so she has witnessed a bunch of abuse. A shaman said she was in a pain. I don’t feel like it’s physical. Not sure. I feel like it’s more emotional. I know she can feel my shit too. Trying to keep my vibration high. Sometimes it’s tricky. She won’t even go out for walks most days on and off for years. Shakes. Looks scared. She was on Prozac when I got her. Was on it for years and didn’t work. Then I started her on some herbs. Seems to help a bit. I just want her to be happy. She has saved my life more than once and I love her the most of anyone in the world.

I went to the journey space and she was waiting for me. I could see she was patient, and she was sitting, looking off across the ocean. I held the space and drummed while Mama Maxim worked on her.

First, she gave M some treats out of her hand, then M sat in front of her and did reflexology on her ears and head. M really enjoyed that. I will send you information on how to do it. I’m a certified reflexologist and have done reflexology on many animals. It doesn’t have to be on their paws – I have a kitty who only wants it done on her head and that’s fine. Maxim then shook her bag of bones around her to break things up and get the process started.

They also talked about why she’s fearful to go outside. M told Mama, there’s just SO MUCH STUFF out there. And Maxim knew she meant energetically. They talked about what would help her, should she have a spirit animal, they discussed that – but what they came up with was energetic armor. Maxim gave her a helmet that fits around her ears and the helmet has wings on it. She also has armor on her body, on her back. So when you go out, remind her to put her armor on, and when you come home, remind her to take it off, because she doesn’t need it there. I kept thinking of Hermes, the God.

Then they talked about memories and M told her a few things and then it was just too hard for her to talk about it. Mama told her that she didn’t need to do that if she didn’t want to. I saw a man, and I saw kicking, and around the top part of her back legs. I was shown she was kicked a lot there. Mama removed the energetic traumas from those areas.

Then they needed to do chakra work and my cat Puff (on the other side, she helped with animal journeys when she was here too) explained to M what the chakra work was and how it would be done. M laid on her back and they went to work on her solar plexus. Her personal power has just been disseminated from the old trauma. Maxim worked on it and pulled out a long slimy black cord that was wound up in there. She pulled and pulled, it was huge. Then she rolled her to her side and drained out the rest. My guide Tala then filled the solar plexus with healing herbs and I was informed this area will energetically drain for a while – in 3 nights they will come and clean out those herbs which will have soaked up the residue and then they’ll be able to fill it up with good energy for her. Right now, it’s too raw to replace what was taken out.

I also work with the Goddess Lilith when it comes to animals. I also asked for Hecate’s help since she is partial to dogs, and I work with her as well. Lilith will often show me the connection the animal has, and M has one – and it’s to you. She said that she chose to go through the trauma so she could know what it was like to be wounded and help you heal. She’s just been unselfish and not worked at healing herself. She’s focused on you. You two make a great team.

You’ve had a few past lives together and been amazing partners. In those lives, she was a dog, and she came to you as a puppy and lived her whole life with you. In one, you were wealthy, she was a small dog and totally spoiled. She said you carried her everywhere and was always by your side. This was the first that she chose to be separated so she could experience trauma. And she did say at some point, to not feel sorry for her. And then at the end I understood why. As horrible as it was, she chose it. And she understands that but hasn’t been able to release it. She needs these few days to heal and rest, if she seems not as energetic as usual, it’s because she’s letting go of these things.