Witch Do You

We are the Coven of Witches that run Witch Do You on Facebook.
My name is Michele, and I’m a Witch, Shamanic Practitioner, and Artist living in Wisconsin. I was called to witchcraft when I was 15 and I heard my spirit guide for the first time when I was 19.  I love to work with my Michigan Coven – the other admins in The Witches’ Circle. We’ve been practicing together for 25 years! I’ve studied Aromatherapy, Reflexology and I completed a 2 year Shamanic Apprenticeship Program with Ana Larramendi.  I have taught classes on spirit guide communication, witchcraft, and working with Elementals. I just completed teaching a Shamanic Witchcraft Apprenticeship and I will be offering these classes online in 2022. My life’s passion is to mentor women in becoming Priestesses of their own Power!   I offer remote Shamanic sessions and focused Shamanic write-ups – more information can be found under services.
Merry Meet Witches! My name is Shannon O’Neil and I will be eternally grateful to be a member of my blessed coven, as well as an administrator of this group. 
I was raised Catholic. I stopped going to church when it wasn’t deemed mandatory (around age 11 or 12), which is fine because I never really “belonged” there anyway.  For about a decade or so, I wasn’t very spiritual.  Then, on a trip to New Orleans, I discovered Candle Magick and my world changed.  Not long after that, I became fully immersed in Magick and “met” my spirit guide Isaiah.  Once I actually saw him, I realized I had a special gift.  I can see spirits. 
I stepped away from Candle Magick for many years due to life circumstances, but I’m back at it full time.  I love the simplicity of connecting to the universe via candles and intentions, and I make it part of my daily ritual. 
I look forward to watching this group and its wonderful witches evolve!  Blessed be! 
My name is Kara Nowacki and I have the distinct honor of belonging to the coven of witches who make up the admins for Witch Do You. I am a recovering Catholic whose transition to “full on” witch was only recently fully embraced with the urgings of my sister witches, ancestors and spirit guides (collective sigh by all involved). I consider myself to be the embodiment of our group motto – #witchdoyou- as I have a penchant for spell work typically based on what I have laying around the house. I live in Michigan and along with my sister Shannon, who is geographically very near to me, we collaborate to bring you informational and entertaining videos of witch “crafting” and various other activities. My sister and I will be offering online classes in the near future. My vision is to, along with my coven, realize the full potential of this group by offering support to women who want to step into their power.  Blessed Be!
Hello everyone!  I am Carrie Orlando and I can’t wait to see what we can do!  I look around my desk with all my tools, my dried flowers, crystals, books, herbs and other assorted things that I am gathering, I need to admit that I am just beginning on this journey.  The other amazing women leading this group have found, elevated and honed their abilities in a way that I hope to one day achieve.  For now, I am working on embracing my inner witch and honoring the gifts that I already know to have.  I have an uncanny ability to read the energy of a room and can change the vibration if needed. I am in tune with nature and draw the signs that I should be paying attention to from it.  My empathy and energy readings derive from my ancestors, both male and female.  I am excited to take this journey with you, and my guides, coven and ancestors knowing that I may stumble along the way, make mistakes and have many, many successes.  At the very least I hope to be entertaining!