Me and Sven and Barry White

I met Sven when I was almost 30. I had known my guide, Lucas, since I was 19. I had some college years when I put my spirituality aside, but I had reacquainted with him in my late 20’s.  One day Lucas came to me and said, “I’m still going to be your guide but I’m going to be working in another capacity – another guide is going to come forward and he will be working with you daily.”

It didn’t take long before I could feel another presence around me – but I had trouble getting him to talk to me. I’d talk out loud in the car like I did for Lucas, but it felt like this new dude just sat there stoically and didn’t respond to anything I said.

Because I felt him, I just kept talking even though I didn’t hear anything.  One night, I told Kara and Shannon about  my frustration – when Shannon suddenly said,  ‘Do you mean that tall blond guy standing behind you?’ Chills.

I had no idea what he looked like – but I knew she was right.

Well, apparently, Shannon seeing him was what he needed – because he started talking to me – ALL THE TIME.  It wasn’t hard to know Sven’s personality because I could hear it in his voice and his smart mouth. Sven is VERY quick and sarcastic – although he’s also very loving and supportive too.

He took complete advantage of all the driving I was doing in those days, and constantly talked to me in the car. He told me about our past lives, gave me information about the other side, and talked to me when I was in the car – and outside of it too.

I tested Sven a lot in those days – I’d ask him to call my dog over to him, or get her to jump up on the fence. He would give me a hard time about asking him to do ‘tricks’. He did it, though.

I’m not really sure how the connection to Barry White started – except that Sven has always seen himself as a ladies’ man. Sven has confidence to spare.  Once I had a reader pick up on him and she said ‘I’ve never seen a spirit guide with so much EGO’. 

However, I don’t think that this is a negative trait – Sven shows me (and others) how to be confident and have swagger. I know he’s lent it to me many times over the years – he’s helped me be confident when I’m teaching or doing something new.

So the connection to Barry White isn’t a big stretch – you can see how Sven would relate to the message in Barry’s music. I remember that I felt I needed to buy a CD of Barry White’s greatest hits and the first time I played it, I felt Sven there, like, YES, this is my JAM!  And then when I was sad – in those days it was often – I would play Barry and Sven would be there and it would make me laugh to think about a six foot blond Viking singing Barry White.

Eventually Sven used Barry to send signals to me – Shannon (who lived in a VERY rural area with limited radio options) would hear ‘our’ song ‘Never, Never Gonna Give You Up’ and she would let me know, Sven says Hi.  (FYI – it worked the other way too – I would see a Hasidic Jew while I was working and tell her that Isaiah said Hello)

When my long time relationship ended, I was packing things up for my new apartment and I put Barry on.  Then, for the first time in months, I cried. Everything hit me at once. I wasn’t sad about my break-up – I was happy about that – I think it was all the change and some fear about being on my own again.  Barry was on ‘shuffle’ and ‘I’ve Got So Much to Give’ came on.

Now picture this, I’m sitting on the toilet with a box on my lap (it was closed, lol) bawling because I’m overwhelmed, and then I hear Barry’s voice:

‘Baby, please don’t do that. What are you crying for? ….Nothing’s gonna go wrong.’

Weird timing….but then I have this sense…I’m not alone. Yes, Sven is here but there’s something  else going on….

And then I realized…..he’s here.  The spirit of Barry freakin White is in my house.  (Yes, he had left this earthly plane prior to this)

I cannot explain how this is true – only that I know that it is.  I was haunted in the loveliest way by the ghost of Barry White for five sweet minutes.

 ‘I know that our love is different. Our lives will be different. Trust me, baby. Trust me. ‘

Now I’m laughing and crying because even in the realm of bizarre experiences I’ve had….this takes the Goddessdamn CAKE.

Then the song ended and I felt him leave. And Sven said ‘This is why I’ve always relied on Barry –  I’m just not that eloquent!’

Barry White is still our special connection – whenever I hear Barry, I know it’s not an accident – and Sven just wants to remind me that he’s close, he loves me, and he thinks I’m pretty spectacular.